Rocket Room is a collective creating film, a space for artistic development. Originally we met in The Rocket Room inside The Hospital club, Covent Garden, hence the name. www.rocketroom.co.uk


Pill (2016) In Post
Don’t (2015) Band Promo
Mayday (2015) Premiered at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia
Verity (2014) Premiered at Underwire Festival, London Sci-Fi Festival
Tongue Tied (2014) Premiered at Palm Springs Festival
Job’s Dinner (2014)
Borrowed (2013 Music Video)
Coma (2013) Premiered at Byron Bay Festival
Sperm (2012) Premiered at Portland Oregon Festival
Ray Morely (2011) Premiered at Palm Springs Festival


Feature Films In Pre-Production

For all the latest news about auditions, filming and screenings you can find us on Facebook (Rocket Room productions), visit www.rocketroom.co.uk or follow us on Twitter @Rocket_Room