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Gunter has pulled off the heist of a lifetime: He and team of aging, bottom-feeding gangsters steel a Vermeer to order and get away with it scot-free, or nearly. The day the money is transferred to the robbers’ account, Gunter falls into a coma, and with him the code to release the money disappears for good.

Higher up the food chain, thugs are owed money. Rupert, hit-man and fixer, is sent to gauge the situation at the hospital, extract the codes and if Gunter is bluffing, make his coma real.

Suffering a crisis of conscience and in the mess of a Sea-change, Rupert is relieved to find Gunter is really on life-support and the machines are due to be switched off the following day – one less soul to add to his immortal debt, why kill a dead man?

Rupert relaxes and meanders along memory lane, treats Gunter like a priest, confessing, throwing around ideas for his future, admitting to a string of double crosses. Finally, he reveals his ultimate ulterior motive for making sure Gunter does not get out of bed…

Michael James Beckley – Rupert
Paul Tunnicliffe – Dutchy
Jo Dyson – Judy
Peter Silverleaf – Gunter
Catherine Kanter – Doctor
Cassidy Janson – Gunter’s Sister
Donal Cox – Gunter’s Father
Nadine Hanwell – Gunter’s Mother
Andrew Taylor – Gunter’s Brother
Stephen Morrison – Harem Girl 1
Christine Renard – Harem Girl 2
Charlotte Pasamar – Harem Girl 3
Nina Pasqua – Harem Girl 4
Tikiri Hulugalle – Harem Girl 5

Written, Directed and Produced by Nicola Quilter
DOP Benjamin Baily
Edited by Linton Davies
Sound Design & Mix Jim Carey
Production Manager Tikiri Hulugalle
Titles & Graphic Design Graham Smith
1st AD Stephen Morrison
Set Design Aurelie Taillefer
Make Up & Hair Sarah Fay Hammond
Continuity Alexander Schleifer
Grader Jon Pugh
Colourists Qarey
Story Board Alex McDonald
Sound Recordist Mark Andrews
Focus Puller Thomas Nicholson
Focus Puller Ryan Parkins
Clapper Loaders Daniel Alexancer Hanmer & Stephen Morrison
Boom Marcin Kosiedowski

‘Alive’- James Nisbet, Gil Cang, Nicola Quilter.
Special thanks to Loxley Matthews, Jamie Mustafa at Compton’s, Madam Jojo’s, Able in Camden Vintage, Barbara Jane Cleaver & Rick Thomas.  
Coma- a film by Nicola Quilter