Job’s Dinner

Tongue Tied - Set V1 MID SHOT
Job’s dinner is a black comedy based on the Book of Job. It’s the story of love, faith and unending friendship.
Old friends, with opposing political and religious views, gather to celebrate the New Year. Job has lost everything,
except his faith, which is re-confirmed by the nights events.

Written by Nicola Quilter
Director – Giles Foreman
Produced by Reine Issa & Nicola Quilter
Executive Producer: Giles Foreman
Production Manager – Meriel Rosenkranz
Cinematographer – Ewan Mulligan
Gaffer – Robun Patterson
Casting Agent – Irene Cotton
1st Assistant Director – John Stow
Composer – Sophie Cotton
Location Sound – Jim Carey
Editor & Special FX – John Stow
Script Supervisor/Continuity – Zoe Simijonovic
Production Designer – Emily Harwood
Production Assistant – James Dangerfield
Production Assistant – Joe Curtis
Assitant Gaffer – Glen Smith
Maureen Lipman – Sitis
Philip Franks – Bill
Anthony Barclay – Phaz
Joseph Balderrama – Eli
Elana Pavli – Dinah
Raj Ghatak – Zophar