Directed and Produced by Nicola Quilter
Executive Producers Directors Uk, Arri Cameras, Technicoliur and Audionetwork
Associate Producer Gerry Maguire
Written by Gabriella Apicella
Script Supervisor/Continuity – Fenella Greenfield
Cinematographer – Xavi Amoros
Trinity Steadicam – Dominic Jackson
Focus Puller – Chris Robertson
Casting Agent – Irene Cotton
1st Assistant Director – Laurent Durham
Composer – Stephen Chadwick
Location Sound – Filipe Pinheiro
Editor – Dan Fernbach
Costumes and Set Design – Emily Harwood
Make-Up – Sarah Ashbourn
Production Coordinator – Reine Issa
Gaffer – Will Rae Smith
Best Boy – Luca Piercey
Sparks – Ben Ransley
Camera First Assistant – Marco Alonso
Camera Second Assistant – Will Churchill
Camera Technician – George Dupays
D.I.T – Alexander Schliefer
Behind The Scenes – Antonis Kitsikis
Camera trainees – Joaquin Blunt & Lauren Byrne
Third AD – Josie Kyan
Third AD – Jacques Simon-Hurtevent
Casting Assistant – Emily Rose
Make-up Assistant – Rona Skuodas
Art Department Assistant – Dominic Innes
Art Department Assistant – Bartholomew Jones
Floor Runners – Holly Lucas, Joshua Danzig, Leyla Alizada, Diana Caravia

Sound Designer – Jim Carey-Connell
Colourist – Jodie Davidson
Online – Jenny Jayne Cachero
Grade Producer – Tomi Nieminen
Grade Producer – Matt Adams
Grading Facility – Technicolour Production Services
Poster – James Dangerfield

Patience – Cathy Tyson
Mason – John Lyons
Fenton – Ben Scheck
Colin – Jim Carey-Connell
Walter – Sule Rimi
Heleyana – Holly McFarlane
Phillip – James Dangerfield
Vanessa – Juliet Lee
Ben – Bobby Makepeace
Vera – Kristin McIlquham
Tristan – Simon Kingsley
Caroline – Roisin Keogh
Sunny – Marie Rabe
Lotte – Ashley Hope-Allen
Dennis – Jamie Steen
Mila- Jamie Kooij
Bill – Andrew Hancock
Otto – Stephen Cheriton
Hugo – Neil Kelly
Renny – Elizabeth Hammond
Diana – Sam Menezes
Didi – Lesley Wren
Magician – Billy Menezes
Hoop Girl – Amelia Marchant
Bendy Bendini – Himself
Evelyn Carnate – Herself
Pi The Mime – Themself
Felicity Furore – Herself

Denzel – Michael Fayney
Gerry – Wilmot Mulley
Julie – Kimmy Lawrence
Richard – Adrian Wheeler
Jeremy – Davis Brooks
Jenny – Leanne Dimant
Jane – Lisa Ray Jacobs
Camille – Carrie Cohen
John – Justin Stahley
Dennis – Jamie Steen
Lila – Poppy V Wonnacott
Josie – Agnes Lobb
Harriet – Jade Syed-Bokhari
Gunter- Chaco van der Sijp
Pewetta – Ruby Visaria
Belinda – Suzanne Noble
Betty – Jennie Evans-Snell
Garry – Josh Harper
Jose – Javier Cáberiz
Rupert – Vangelis Christodoulou
Garth – James Hayden
Bruce – Nick Turner
Hunter – Richard Morse
Ida – Yasmine Alice
Sally – Jo Burridge
Silva – Aidan Barry
Tania – Claire Jared
Dom – Daniel GreenforD

Tracks from Audioworks Library: “Groove Merchant” by Bruce Maginnis “True Will” by Bob Bradley “Dirt Angel” by Adam Drake and Tom Jenkins “In The Darkness” by Helen Jane Long “All in Vain” by Paul Mottram “Loosen Up” by Aaron Jones

Gemma Baker (Catering), Cooper Searle Personal Management, Deanna V’Icevska, Champagne & Fromage, Euroscript, Jade Boaler @ LocationWorks, Bartholomew Jones, Anji Loman Field, Gigi’s Dressing Room, Curt Schaller (Trinity inventor), Jane Williams & Bill Mannix @ The Rivoli Ballroom

This film was made in two 12 hour days by 101 people for love and pizza