Ray Morley

Rocket Room Productions Presents

Ray Morely Cover

Ray Morley

  • Award Winner Best Shorts Festival 2012
  • UK Film Festival Official Selection 2012
  • Palm Springs International Shortfest Official Selection 2011
  • Three Rivers Film Festival Official Selection 2011
  • Lady Filmmakers International Film festival Official Selection 2011
  • World of Women Festival Official Selection 2012
  • Etheria Festival Official Selection 2012

Ray Morley is a comedy about death, told in three minutes and six seconds. Ray is unaware that he is dead but is about to find out that neither God or Lucifer want him. Not being good or bad enough to go to heaven or hell allows Ray another chance at life by default.

Peter Silverleaf – Ray Morely
Margo Cargill – God
David Gant – Lucifer

Directed by Nicola Quilter
Written by Ronald Van Duuren, Nicola Quilter & Jane Colenutt
Produced by Ronald Van Duuren & Nicola Quilter
Cinematographer Charlie Jones
Edited by Dan Fernbach
First Assistant Director Ronald Van Duren
Music And Sound Design Gil Cang
Camera Assistant Jeremy Hunt
Visual Effects Graham Smith
Sound Andy Prinze