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Omg, it’s come already!!! It’s beautiful!!! Even more lovely than I thought!!! I will order a normal tulips one so I have got the 2 sizes so I have options on what to put underneath it x

Pascale Broyer-Morandat 

Merry Xmas to you !
The parcel arrived this morning.... amazing 🤩 the girls will find their new masks and bags under 🎄🎁
Stay safe !
Best wishes for 2023 !

Krissy Davis 

Hi Nicola, I’m a long time wearer of your skirts, and absolutely love them! Recently received the masks I ordered from you - and I love them! Thank you! Kristy

Karen Stoger 

Hi Nicola! I just got my masks - they really are sooo beautiful! That will definitely make mask-wearing more pleasant. Big hugs from Vienna hope you are doing well ... Karin

Frances Brook 

Nicola is so lovely!!! I've admired the skirts for over two years but was reluctant to order online as wasn't sure on the size, been in London a couple of times but midweek so missed her at Covent Garden but not today!!! She gets your sizing right just by a quick look and touch and fits you amazingly well - I could have bought more than one skirt and now I know my size I won't hesitate to order online...I didn't dare try a coat or I would have wanted one of them too!!


I have many of the skirts, love them all. Are there any plans to design one that is inspired from music, with notes, quavers, ‘waving sheet music’?


8 years ago I bought 3 fantastic skirts at camden market. I Love your work, Wearing them I feeling young, beautiful and sexy. For my Birthday 29. February i will make a command for new skirts…
They are so artistic and high quality ♥️

With Love from switzerland


Hi – I bought one of your skirts yesterday, love your work, so happy to be introduced to it – so much I have just ordered a t-shirt, can’t wait for it to arrive – more fabulous unique designs. Thank you


Just bought my third skirt from you at Covent Garden in London I can’t tell you how excited I was . Every time I wear my skirts I am stopped by someone who ask me where I got the skirt. It’s such a change to wear something so different than what is in the shops and be noticed. They wash up so well and are so comfortable to wear with the silk slip. Thank You. Going to save up for the butterfly one now and a coat. Just fantastic


Nicola, I love your skirts, bought 2 last summer and have worn them so often, and they are always admired. I bought 3 more last week and have already worn each of them. Lindsey


Last Monday I purchased a (brand-new) tattered sunflower skirt at my local Savers (second-hand or thrift shop) here in Las Vegas, Nevada. When I saw it on the rack, I knew it was special. I don’t usually do research on my thrift store scores, but I looked you up. I am not sure how this fabulous skirt ended up here, but I’m glad it did! I wore it to work today and got so many compliments – from my supervisor to strangers at the pharmacy (chemist). The skirt is a little big, but if I wear a long enough top, you can’t tell. Before I looked you up, I was tempted to wash it normally to see if it would shrink up a bit, but now think I’ll have it properly tailored.
I kind of don’t want to tell you how much I paid…but I will confess that I was shopping on our Martin Luther King Jr. holiday when I should have been reading about civil rights.
Thanks for your work and for offering it in so many sizes. You are a designer for all women!
Hugs from Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!


Hi Nicola, will you re-run the DNA design one day? Whenever I wear mine (usually at conferences – including the World Economic Forum), heaps of people ask where I got it! It’s a pity to have to tell them it’s no longer available!


Hi Nicola!

I’m the American who bought the long skirt from you at Covent Garden on Friday. Just to let you know, I wrapped it in plastic and it traveled in checked baggage. I had to carry many of the books my self. I just signed up for your mailing list. Maybe if I am good, the next time I will agree with you on the smaller size, however I do love the pattern that I picked. I definitely will stop by if I am ever in London on a Friday again. I don’t mind paying for quality and I obviously have something that no one else has.


I have three of your skirts, love them all and wear them a lot. Living in Paris I am often asked where my London skyline one and get lots of compliments. I wondered if you’ve considered doing any other cities? I’d love a Paris one if you ever consider it!
Thank you!


I bought an awesome skirt in Covent Garden in November. When I needed to exchange it for another style I got great customer service from Nicola and her team. Will surely by from you again. Five stars! Thanks, Nicola!


I love my new skirt.  I’m looking forward to winter now. That’s a first. I still want to save up for the coat tho!


Hi there,

Bought one of your skirts at the Greenich Markets while I was in London on holiday – love it and have had so many comments about it.



I only came across Nicola yesterday when walking round Camden market her skirts are amazing and feel beautiful on. Can’t wait for the wedding in July so I can show off my new skirt will definitely be purchasing more of your skirts


Just to say, my London skirt arrived this week and I LOVE it. I was in Kew Gardens a week and a half ago, and saw a woman wearing one (in blue, actually, which looked good). I followed her a bit, and then googled the skirt which led me to the website. I did take a trip up to Camden but it was a weekday and so there weren’t any London skirts in stock so I ordered online.
I’ve already had compliments and people asking where it’s from!

Now for the next skirt..!!


Just received my Long Black Tulip skirt. It is BEAUTIFUL! I now have 4 of your skirts (three bought a while back from Greenwich market on a visit) and every time I wear them they are commented on and admired. Keep designing them and I shall keep buying them (and I’m not a youngster either, but a granny!). They make me feel special!


Hi Nicola,

Have just found your amazing clothes at Camden today. Bought two gorgeous skirts. Will definitely be back for more.


Hi, I wore my mini silver sun flower again the other day. I’ve had it for a couple years now and it’s still my favorite skirt. It’s both rock’n roll and classy. It works just as well with flat boots as with a pair of heels. I went to Stylist show and I was very pleased to see it was the right choice for the event as it got quite a few looks of approval which I didn’t expect. It was comforting as I went for the catwalk show later and had no clue what one wears to these. Anyhow, that’s why after 2 years I though it was about time I said thank you Nicola! And I think you should try to get a booth at the show next year! I hope business is good. Best, Virginie


Hi Nicola,
I bought a lifesaver skirt from you at Greenwich Market years ago during my stint in the UK. Every time I wear it I get comments on what a fabulous skirt it is. I have since also bought a London skyline skirt which I also love. They fit really well and I like your healthy attitude to sizes.
Steph in NZ.


I met you today at Camden Market. I immediately was attracted by your beautiful skirts. I bought two and tried them on the minute I got home.
I love them. Thank you for your skill and I know I will enjoy wearing them. I love the lining of the tulip skirt. Such thought has gone into designing and presenting them with an amazing bag to coordinate.

I’m so glad I found you!

Sally Nailsea. Bristol


I bought a skirt on a whim in Camden last August because it fit perfectly, which is a rarity in itself. I wore it a couple of days ago and my friends loved it! I also bought a knee length one and a linen top on the site and they’re stunning. I’m already thinking of buying another knee length skirt; my only problem is which one to choose because they’re all so wonderful! You’re such an artist!
Thanks and keep on!


Hello !
I live in France. Last time I went to London , I bought a mini skirt ”vibrant violets” at Camden. I get compliments every time I wear it ! I love it so much that I’ve just bought a new one, a size larger so I can wear it lower on the hips, and it will appear a little bit longer ( better to go to work…)
I’ve also ordered a long skirt… Everything is so gorgeous !!! It is very hard to make a choice…
Congratulations for your creativity,
Best regards,


Hello Nicola.
I have bought around 8 skirts from you during the last 3 years to my girlfriend and now wife in Denmark.
Now we have seen your video and some of the women are wearing a super cool skirt with small men in different colours but I can´t find it on your site. Is it a skirt that you will be getting again? I hope so……
kind regards
Johan Aagaard


I recently bought Windmills – what a lovely, very wearable skirt. All my friends love your sizing methods and I’m happy to tell people my size when its extra healthy / voluptuous . Your service was fantastic and made trying on skirts, even in a snowy Camden, a pleasure. Thank you very much. Just working out which one I want next!.


Hi, Nicola, today I’ve received my two skirts in Milan, I’m too happy! They are even more beautiful than in your pictures. Everything was perfect with my purchase, payment and shipping. I hope to buy some other clothes as soon as possible. Best regards and thanks


Hi Nicola, I was so happy with my black red feathered skirt bought in Camden market two years ago, I felt so good wearing it and got so many compliments that now I’ve bought two more skirts (gray-green ribbon and spy eyes) online and I can’t wait to receive the parcel. Compliments for your work.


Hi Nicola, I’m from Milan, I’ve bought a black skirt with a red feather two years ago at Camden market… I was so happy I could buy a true english garment and not some pseudo-oriental junk I could have found everywhere worldwide… I’ve been so happy with my skirt, I’ve worn it so many times, summer and winter, feeling so good and getting so many compliments that I’ve just ordered online two more skirts and I can’t wait to receive the parcel…

Sharen o

You are my addiction! Haha! Such great quality and I wish I lived in London so I could get them at the Market.

I want to do a massive buy… Any chance you have a mini wishy-washy somewhere? I love the design but I’m pretty little. Mini’s aren’t actually that mini on me.

Canada is so far awaaaay!


I bought 2 skirts years ago in campden (poppies and violet/green flowers – regret did’t buy ivy too)… everybody keeps asking me where I bought them. I’ve been using them intensively and still look great. will buy another soon. tks. Cecilia


I used to buy from you in Camden market but now live in Spain. Everyone always comments on your dresses and skirts and I pass the site on. I would love to pick up a bargain in your sale but the site is not letting me click on any items. I received your email saying the site had crashed with the amount of interest but just wondering if it is still down since you released more items? Thanks. Emily


Hi Nicola,

Have you thought about supplying to stockists in Australia? I bought a mini poppy design skirt at Greenwich Market last year and am stopped by women of all ages in Sydney every single time I wear it! Even men have commented on it! I refer them all to your website but I am sure a store or two would do well to stock your designs.

Best wishes,


Hi Nicola,
I bought two skirts from you last weekend – your last grey violets one and a black one… I’ve worn both already a few times and I’m getting comments on them all the time…. I think I need some more, so will be ordering again soon! I’ve also shared your website on Facebook
Was lovely chatting with you too, and thanks for the advice on the other markets, we stopped for coffee at the piano man & it was great!


Hi Nicola!
Had a very long day today, and before it even began I decided that Ineeded a ‘power skirt’… Meeting with two parents and two bratty kids. Well I went in with my ‘cell’ skirt, wearing a new flashy orange top that matched perfectly! How did the meeting go, you might ask?
Frankly, it was a bust– the kids clearly run the show at home and the parents are clearly nuts. But more importantly, how did I look? Fantastic!!!! (I tell you, Nicola, before you came along, I knew very little about vanity!!!!!)
Hope all is well at your end!!


Got the skirt today…. LOVE it!!!
got so many compliments for one of your skirts I bought on camden market that i needed to get another one. we’ll see how this one works



I bought you 2 skirts this Saturday, I imagine that you cannot remember me (there are so many people in your place) …but I only want to say you that your webpage is great!!, really, I dress your skirt for first time and in my work all my workmate (not only female) say me that its so beautiful!!!, and, of course, I think it too…and it’s incredible because my body is very strange and is so difficult to find clothes that make me well but your skirts are perfect (thanks to you because you help me so much to choose them)

Thanks for all !!



Dear Nicola,

its been now five months since i got married in your white poppie skirt. I always wanted to send you a picture. Everybody loves your skirt and i felt really good and comfy that day. I couldn’t find a nice red top for me, so I chose a white one with a bright red jacket on top.
Best greetings from Frankfurt.

Three years ago I bought one of your skirts in Camden Market and since then I have not stopped wearing it, it is part of my personality.
This spring I have been looking for skirts at shops around Madrid, but I was not happy with what I was seeing. So one afternoon I thought of that day when I bought the skirt and I remembered the young lady that sold it to me, and that had told me that you have a webpage.
So I googled the name that was written on my skirt’s label and I found out you have a webpage where you sell skirts and you are as well an artist and I listened your songs.
So happy to have found this service again.
Kind regards
Armela Dino


Hi Nicola,
I am loving my 5 Nicola Quilter original skirts…but I need more!
Every time I wear my skirts I get comments from people…everytime!
People I don’t even know ask me about them.
I direct people to your website, but maybe I should get some of your cards to give out!


Dear Nicola
I bought one of your beach-hut skirts from you in Camden market last Easter, with my daughter’s encouragement, but although I liked it, I thought it would be a white elephant in my wardrobe and that I would regret it – I had given up wearing anything so tight, or skirts so short, and in any case although I like beachuts in other senses, I only really wear black (ok sometimes green/khaki but I don’t do colours!) and I have a real issue with quirky…none of that boded well, so imagine my surprise when I have worn and worn and worn that skirt – with tights and boots, with sandals and leggings, leggings and vans, to work, on the beach, blah blah.  Looks great with a short jacket. and I have had so many compliments (both personal – including from very unexpected quarters!) and for the skirt, I can’t tell you. I am sure I will be back for more!


About three years ago I have been to your stall at Camden. I bought the long black skirt with the daffodils- and what can I say- it is the best skirt I have ever had. I love it and get lots of compliments for it.
Over the last years I have been searching for you on the internet- and now I have found you. Great!
Best regards,


I should tell you that you are very much in demand among my friends and colleagues. I bought a skirt from you back in June and since then almost everyone I work with and my sister and some of her friends are either wearing one of your numbers or hankering after one!! My mum is also going to get the dragonfly one for her birthday.
Thanks for brightening up our days, Sue.


Dear Nicola,
The skirts arrived yesterday and I just finished trying them on and putting them on the skirt-rack.
I just wanted to let you know how beautiful I think they are. I now have a total of 15 (!!) gorgeous skirts in my closet and I wear them almost every day. They make me feel feminine and sexy.
Did you know my pupils held a poll last year what skirt they loved best? Fishy wishy won, and orange jungle came in a close second.
I get compliments on the skirts all the time and wanted to convey some of that to you.
I still remember that day on Camden market when I felt soooo down because I saw nice clothes everywhere, but they seemed designed for tiny little women and how, just when I had seen your skirts and wanted to turn away because I was convinced it’d be another something that wouldn’t fit, you turned to me and said: “don’t move, I’ve got your size.”
You probably won’t remember that but I do and wanted to thank you for it. Hope to do loads more business with you!
Good night,


Hi Nicola,
I have waited far too long to order more of your amazing work.
I met you in Camden market a year ago and bought 2 dresses and a coat.
I can tell you that I get loads of compliments every time I wear your designs and I always tell people about you and give them your info.

I can’t thank you enough for creating your art works…. they are truly fabulous and make me feel so great when I wear them. I wish I could buy ALL of your collection!!
Joan xx

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