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 Why we love what we do

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I was born in England but grew up in Australia. From a very early age I designed and made things. First, when I was about seven, it was finger puppets - I sold them at local markets. Later I had a silk lingerie business and when I was acting I made most of the clothes I wore.

When I came back to the UK I started this boutique fashion label with skirts, then built on the collection. The embroidered skirts are what I'm known for but I have made hats, handbags, coats, dresses, babywear, tops, trousers and now masks!

I am determined never to use traditional ladieswear sizes as they are meaningless other than to make woman feel self-conscious about their size. Hence the name tags Tiny, Trim, Normal, Healthy, XHealthy and Voluptuous.

I make things that last - some of my customers have been wearing their skirts for 15 years and sell them for the same price they brought them for. Have a look at my comments page to hear the compliments my ladies get when wearing their skirts!

We are a small team, we are ethical, believe in kindness and think outside the box to serve the planet.

Nicola x

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